It all started in 1995. My old dog Oggie was approaching his 16th year and I had seen an old portrait at a friends place of something that looked small and spanielish sitting at his master's feet. My friend is an art collector and said it was probably a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I then went to work to actively seek out the breed with a view to obtaining a pup. At that point I just wanted a pet. I had never shown or been seriously involved with dogs before, (although they had always been part of our family, along with horses, cats and an assortment or rodents) and because Oggie was so old I had resolved to wait until we no longer had our beloved boy to buy a pup . Actually it turns out that I was probably wrong because he went on to live until he was 18yrs and only really went downhill in his last year of life. I was distraught, but I had planned to focus my attention on getting all the information I could about my new family member. Unfortunately, (and I say unfortunately because I would have done it differently) my husband and daughter with the very best intentions had been planning to surprise me with a new pup as close to Christmas as they could.

So it came to be that in November 1997 I was presented with my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup I fell in love with her immediately, and my involvement with the breed started in earnest..  Since that time I have made it my moral obligation to learn as much as I can, and do the best that I can for this wonderful breed.